School of Law Awards

School of Law Awards 2020

Each year, the School of Law community recognizes outstanding achievement by students, faculty, and staff.

The following awards are given based on student and community nominations. There are no self-nominations for this process. If you would like to nominate someone for an award, please complete the appropriate Nomination Form. You may nominate someone for multiple awards.

Please consider who among your classmates who may be deserving of these awards, submit nominations on their behalf, and encourage others to add their support by submitting additional recommendations!

All of the awards below are selected either by a committee appointed by the donor or the School of Law Awards Committee.

Nomination Materials

The nomination period closes at 12:00 pm, Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Awards and Scholarships

The Compleat Lawyer Bronze Award

In 1992, the University of South Carolina School of Law Alumni Association created The Compleat Lawyer Award to recognize outstanding attorneys and exceptional graduating students for their accomplishments. Each year, the Platinum Award is given to up to three attorneys who have been in practice for more than 30 years; the Gold Award is given to up to three attorneys who have been in practice for 15–30 years; and the Silver Award is given to up to three attorneys who have been in practice for fewer than 15 years. The Bronze Award is presented at Commencement to three graduating law students, who, through their performance in law school and their relationships with students and professors, have demonstrated their potential to be outstanding attorneys. Award recipients will possess the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism.

Note: The Compleat Lawyer Bronze Awards are presented at graduation.

G.G. Dowling Student Award

Given in honor of G.G. Dowling, a 1938 graduate, who was a senior partner in the Dowling Law Firm of Beaufort. The award is presented to a student who exemplifies qualities of integrity, concern for others, and demonstrated scholarship achievement.

I.M. Goldberg South Carolina Bar Foundation Scholarship

The Goldberg Scholarship was created by the South Carolina Bar Foundation in honor of I.M. Goldberg, a prominent Charleston attorney who specialized in family law. The scholarship provides an award each year to a deserving University of South Carolina law student with a demonstrated interest in family law.

Joe McNulty Memorial Scholarship

Created in honor of Joe McNulty, a member of the Class of 2015.  Joe McNulty’s remarkable dedication to his calling, excellence as a student, vision of public service and kindness to fellow students, this award is presented to a current first-year law student who best exhibits the same attributes with which Joe was blessed. As his health rapidly declined towards the end of his first semester as a law student, Joe was extraordinarily engaged in his classes and in the law school community. He overcame significant obstacles in his nearly two-year battle with cancer in order to fulfill his dream of attending law school, and his dedication to the study of law never wavered even into the final days of his life. Joe’s determination to study law in the grips of this painful disease will serve as a lasting inspiration to all who know his story and have the privilege of being law students. Dedicated to the memory of Joe, this award is given to encourage a stronger sense of dedication, civility and calling among USC law students and to enhance the preparation of future lawyers for a life of self-sacrifice and service to their communities.

John Holland Scholarship

Given in memory of John Holland, a 1980 graduate of the School of Law, who practiced law until his tragic death in an automobile accident in 1986. This scholarship is awarded to a rising third-year student who demonstrates a commitment to leadership and extracurricular activities.

Joseph O. Rogers, Jr. Scholarship**

Presented to a rising third year student who exemplifies the highest ideals of the legal profession, by adherence to strict ethical standards; diligent preparation; decent, civil and courteous conduct; and fidelity to fellow students and the profession.

**The recipient of this award must be nominated by a student or faculty member using the Joseph O. Rogers, Jr. Scholarship Nomination and Recommendation Form.

Luther M. Lee Scholarship

Awarded to a third-year student with a significant interest in trial practice.

Karen Lee Scholarship**

Given in memory of Karen Lee and presented to a rising third-year student who best combines determination and dedication to academic pursuits with a genuine concern for the welfare of fellow classmates. Karen was a “B” student who got there through hard work and perseverance through significant health challenges in her second semester of law school. Most importantly, she is remembered as having a true concern for all members of the class. She befriended those who did not fit in. She was a leader who helped to eliminate the economic, social, and racial cliques that for a time were evident in her class. She had a nice thing to say to everyone, and she always had a smile. She was the sponsor of all the class “get well” and “condolence” activities.

**The recipient of this award must be nominated by a student or faculty member using the Karen Lee Scholarship Nomination and Recommendation Form.

Senator Burnet R. Maybank Scholarship

Presented to a rising second- or third-year student who is a South Carolina resident, and who has demonstrated a commitment to public service, scholastic achievement, and high moral character.

Sherod H. Eadon Scholarship

Endowed by the family of Lynwood Hightower to honor Sherod Eadon, a 1979 USC law graduate, a great South Carolina lawyer, and an outstanding man. This scholarship award is presented to a student who exhibits an interest and ability in trial advocacy and who possesses those personal qualities representative of Sherod Eadon, such as academic excellence, integrity, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Stanley H. Kohn Memorial Scholarship 

Presented to a rising second- or third-year student who is a member of Phi Alpha Delta and who demonstrates scholastic achievement, high moral character and financial need.

Susan McCrary Scholarship

Given in memory of Susan McCrary, a member of the Class of 2000, who died in an automobile accident during her second year of law school. This award is presented to a rising third-year student who has actively participated in student volunteer organizations while in law school, such as the Pro Bono Program and the James L. Petigru Public Interest Law Society. Other law school and community activities may be considered.